Thanks but I won’t smack my kid

On March 8th, comedian Adam Carolla phoned in on a Phoenix radio station, KTAR, for an afternoon segment on drunk shopping (no judgement here) that led me to consider how I’d react if someone caring for my kid decided to smack him.


So it goes…

Carolla shares a personal anecdote after praising the dad in the viral video showing him making his kid run to school as punishment after being suspended from the bus after a bullying incident. The video shows the dad following his kid running in the rain, as part of the three day bus suspension. The video went viral with mixed views from calling the dad “Dad of the year” to claiming the dad was bullying his own son. Carolla in particular claims the father is “Dad of the century.”

I wish more people raised their kids that way.

Carolla tells the hosts Mac and Gaydos that when his daughter was about four years old, she spat on her nanny. The nanny responded by smacking his four year old daughter.

Gaydos asks “didn’t you fire her?”

To which Carolla replies “hell no! I thanked her.”

Gaydos jokes “he gave her a raise!”

Carolla goes on to say “now she associates spitting on folks with a very very negative outcome… I’m all for it, and I wish more people raised their kids that way.”

The hosts redirect back to the bullying story to bring up the perception that some believe the father was being a bully himself.

From bullying to Nazi’s


Carolla brings up an argument out of left field that according to him, in today’s society, if someone goes on a rampage and “kills 7 nursing students with a machete ” society feels that if he were put to death, we are as bad as he is. Or the belief that our involvement in killing Nazi soldiers makes us as bad as they were.

Entitled to change

Before I was a parent, I remember making jokes about spanking my “kid.” The random water cooler conversations where someone brings up a something stupid a kid did, and thinking “if that was my kid, I’d slap ’em straight.”

Then I became a parent.

We are all entitled to our own parenting philosophies (within reason), and to change those philosophies over time.

Personally, I don’t want to create an environment where my son fears me. If he does something bad, I want him to be honest with me, and accept a reasonable punishment. I don’t want my son to lie to me because he’s afraid his father or I will smack or beat him.

Are there situations where parents choose to be their kid’s friend and it creates unhealthy boundaries? Absolutely! A lack of corporal punishment does not mean a lack of respect.

Should someone else be allowed to physically punish my kid?


If someone else took physically punishing my child upon themselves, I might be on the news the next day for doing something very out of character. This is someone I’ve trusted (even paid) to care for my son. If they decided to smack, spank, use the belt, etc. to punish my son, they would immediately be fired and never care for my child again (at minimum).

Now there is this bit about relating all of this to mass murderers. I’m still scratching my head how we went from how we punish our children, to mass murderers.

Parenting is not an easy job


We’ve all got an opinion, and we’d be damned if someone else tells us we’re wrong. Parenting is tough enough. My son has gotten me so frustrated with testing boundaries, that I’ve thought about popping him on the behind. However, that is not how I choose to teach my son right and wrong. I was spanked a handful of times, and I turned out okay (depending who you ask). Some might argue that’s a case for corporal punishment being ok, yet I still choose not to do so.

As a result of this radio segment I really got to thinking more intently than ever this not so pleasant part of parenting.

How do you discipline your child(ren)? Do you believe caretakers should have the right to physically punish the children they care for?

Christina B (Admin)

Christina B (Admin)

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One thought on “Thanks but I won’t smack my kid

  • March 17, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    I tend to agree with you Christina. Although my son is at an age where spanking really isn’t an option anyway (he’s 13), he was in day care before he started school and I would have blown a fuse if anybody had spanked my child. Thankfully that never happened.


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