The whole house is sick- send help!

Hell really hath no fury than when everyone gets sick… at the same time! What’s a mom to do when the entire house is sick?

Our household has been quite fortunate to survive a plague or two. I know many families have a constant rotation of illnesses going through their house, so I may not be an expert on the subject, but I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

So how do you get through when everyone is diseased?


Pray. Pray and hope you’re the one with the better immunity and recover quickly. Kidding (sort of).

I found after having my son that I got sick so much easier than I ever have in my life before kids. I also spend more time in germ ridden places than I did before. Doctors offices, mall play grounds, parks, and so on. Up until I left the work-force, I would hoard those sick days. Best to save them for when the whole house is sick. Gone were the days of saving sick days to be fun days.

A week ago our entire house all caught the same stomach bug within about 12-hours of one another. First the baby, then myself, and finally my husband. I guess misery loves company!

So with all that said, how do you realistically get through when everyone feels like death warmed over?

If you find the praying hasn’t worked right away, it’s best to move on to step 2.

Cover the basics

Keep everyone hydrated.

RestDon’t worry about household chores or getting dressed for that matter (I strongly believe living in your pajamas during sick times offends the germs themselves, so they leave).

Order delivery, or dig in to your freezer stash of frozen burritos and pizza bites (or guilt friends and family in to leaving food by the door).

Make sure your Netflix account is paid up. When the house is sick, the best activity is a Netflix binge. You may even treat yo’ self to a HBO subscription if you’re down for the count.

Leave crackers and water on your partner’s night stand (remember the man-cold) and quickly exit (they may ask for a back massage or something really annoying at this time). This is a nice gesture during an “every-man for themselves” time.

Keep calm to carry on

 Do what keeps everyone calm. If you don’t normally let the kiddo spend hours in front of the TV, girl there ain’t no shame in turning on Elmo today.

Again, stay calm. This too shall pass. Even though you may feel like you’re dying, and caring for another living being (or many) is too much. You may feel like you’re quickly losing touch – such as trading this experience for a repeat of labor and delivery (as I did during a recent episode of the stomach bug). At least with birth, you know it’ll end relatively soon. Also there are drugs. Lots of drugs. Just remember that this sickness will be over soon.

So if your reading this and your household is in quarantine, you’ll make it. It is going to suck for a little while (#honesty), but there is a light somewhere at the end of this tissue and puke stained tunnel.

To find more information on what to do when you’re baby is sick, the Mayo Clinic has excellent information on what to do and when to see a doctor. If there is ever a concern for your child’s wellbeing, always seek out professional medical help. 


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