DIY jars: dress them up!

We’ve all got stuff on our counters. An important part of keeping your “kitchen sanity” is making it an organized and functional space. For years I have had these boring black “tiered” jars that I keep various ingredients in I use frequently. For quite a while it was a guessing game as to what exactly I had in those jars (especially when coming off one of my frequent cooking strikes). Enter in this awesome DIY jars project!

I’m admittedly a gal afraid of commitment. Therefore I wasn’t ready to permanently alter these high-dollar jars (laughter on the inside… I bought the cheapy jars). Plus, I wanted something that I could alter if I decided to change things up.

Enter in chalk board markers. During my pregnancy I became obsessed with buying these things for the “monthly-photo” with the chalk board (spoiler: I took maybe 3 photos). Needless to say I had a ton of markers leftover just begging for a project.

These particular gems I found at Hobby Lobby (I’ve posted an Amazon link below). They had two different types of tip size. For this project I found that using both the thin and thick tip worked fine since my jars were of decent size.

Just be warned: this particular brand of marker (Bistro Chalk Marker) has held up well to the test of time. I’ve had them for almost a year now and they are still in good shape. I’ve purchased other brands though, that dried up within a few weeks. So before you go nuts buying chalk markers, realize that they do eventually dry up so it may be best not to blow your paycheck here.

What you’ll need


You’ll only need three items to do this project. Go and find yourself some basic jars and purchase coordinating chalk pens.


Simple Instructions

  1. Find some jars (like these here) and chalk markers (and these here)
    Note: I’ve found ceramic jars work as an ideal writing surface
  2. Use your paper towels or a rag and wipe down your jar with some water. Allow it to dry.
  3. Decorate your jars with labels and whatever art you like. Time to be creative!

As you can see I did different languages and a little artwork on my jars.

This project took me all of about 15-minutes. I didn’t spend much time making the letters perfect, as my left-handedness kept wiping off letters (crafters curse!).

So have fun! It’s super easy and can be a relatively cheap project. You could probably get away with spending less than $20 depending on how much you spend on your jars. Jars are a great item to find at your local thrift (just be sure to clean them extremely well).

And don’t worry, there are plenty of other projects you can do to use up those chalk pens! From more kitchen projects to holiday decor, there are plenty of simple and cheap projects to dress up your space for less!


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