What you really need for the hospital

You’ve finally reached the third and final trimester (Hallelujah). Time to pack your bag for the hospital. Before you throw that bag in the car, take a moment to read yet another list of what you must bring.

Guess what? You could probably get away with bringing NOTHING! That’s right. As long as you’ve got the car seat you’re golden.

Let’s be serious though. No one is going to do that. When I had my son, I packed way too much! I didn’t touch hardly any of it. Here are my recommendation:


Break Down

Toiletries are obvious. You’ll want to shower, so bring what makes you feel good. Throw in a head band, because you probably wont be worrying about doing your hair. If you’re feeling fancy, bring your own towel (the hospital ones are kind of dinky, and it’s nice having a piece of home).

Don’t worry about bringing pads, the hospital will provide. I recommend a loose fitting cotton robe and slippers. Chances are you’ll want to cover up when guests visit. You also may have to walk around, depending on your labor and delivery, and your own comfy slippers are nice. You’re not going to need or want to bring a bunch of pajamas or outfits. Chances are you’ll be experiencing a scenario closely resembling the elevator scene from The Shining in your pants. Seriously, you need not worry about ruining your clothes or having to think about doing laundry when you get home. Just use the hospital gowns.

That brings me to my next point: Underwear. Nice to have more than you think you need. I think it is just a personal form of insurance. Chances are you wont need it because you’ll ¬†use those fantastic mesh underwear they give you (I found out the hard way that some hospitals don’t offer them to you in endless supply… worth asking about on your tour). I felt it was nice to have a nursing tank in the hospital under my gown. The boobs feel all weird, and your body is going from freezing to hell on earth (which means boob sweat). I just thought it was nice to have something to hold those girls in. Plus the snaps are awesome since chances are you’ll be nursing A LOT (if you choose to go that route).

For going home…

Pack a loose pair of sweat pants and a loose top. Despite evicting junior from his former home, you will still have a belly for a little while. Plus you’re not going to feel like impressing anyone anyway.

A phone charger is a must. You’ll probably be taking a million pictures and fielding a ton of texts and calls. Or you can go the recommended route: totally off grid! Savor this time sans technology (airplane mode is your friend).

We need not go in to detail for dad (or your significant other). Let them pack there own bag and don’t worry about it. Toiletries, clothes, and a camera are the basics. Chances are they will procrastinate like my husband did and pack in the wee hours of the morning the day you go in to labor. Plus, when they realize they’ve forgotten something they can go home and get it or have someone bring it for them.

The reason you’re there

Now baby doesn’t need much. The hospital really has everything you need. If anything bring a bigger bag for baby, because you’ll load up with goodies from the cart (diapers, blankets, plane outfits, etc.). The most important thing is the car seat, because as I’m sure you know, they will not let you leave in a car with your precious bundle without it. Also, you’ll want a cute outfit for those going home pictures. Bring several sizes, because you’re baby may not be the size promised (I was told our guy would be 7 lb. 5 oz. He was almost 9 pounds!). The diaper bag is nice to have just in case there is a poop emergency en route to home.

Reality Check

Chances are, you’ll be like me and bring this list, and add about four more pages of things (because what if…). Feel free to use this as a basic guide. I’ve included the list in text form below so you can copy it and add it to your five other lists.

Mom: toiletries, robe & slippers, extra underwear (more than you think you’ll need), nursing tank/bra, sweat pants & loose top, charger
Dad/Partner: spare clothes, pillow, toiletries, charger, flip flops, camera
Baby: car seat, going home outfit (multiple sizes), blanket and hat (optional), diaper bag


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